Georg Bühler Nachfolger Briefmarken-Auktionen GmbH

    Berlin's oldest stamp auction house, founded in 1949

Terms and conditions

1st The auction is voluntary and public. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude persons without giving reasons of the auction. The auction will be conducted in the name of and on behalf of others in return for immediate payment in Euro.

2nd The hammer goes to the highest bidder after three exclamation. The auctioneer has the right to refuse the hammer, to withdraw lots, to regroup or split them. Bids of the same amount are decided by lot. In unclear cases, the auctioneer has the right to bring lots to the exclamation again. The indicative minimum increases are:

to 50€ 2€
up 50€ to 100€ 5€
up 100€ to 500€ 10€
up 500€ to 1000€ 20€
up 1000€ to 1500€ 50€
up 1500€ to 5000€ 100€

über 5000€ 500€

3rd The purchaser shall pay a commission of 20% of the hammer price plus a lot fee of € 2, - and the sales tax (currently 19%) on the additional costs. Shipping costs are charged to the buyer separately. Herein postage, packing and insurance are included. If the hammer is given because of a bid submitted by someone third, we'll share the costs (currently 10%).

4th The hammer obliged to accept the purchase. With the fall of the hammer, the risk passes to the buyer. The shipping of purchased lots is the cost and risk of the buyer. Until full payment of the lot, it remain as the property of the seller.

5th Who bids for a third party, liability in addition to the third party as a matter of debtors.

6th If no special agreement is made and the payment is not made immediately or within 14 days after delivery of the bill or the acceptance is refused, the buyer loses his rights of the hammer. The lots may - without further notice -  be sold by private treaty or auction again at his own expense. In this case, the defaulting buyer liable for a minimum return and the cost of the repeated auction, including the fees of the auctioneer. On more than anticipated, he is not entitled. In case of delayed payment, we reserve the right to charge 1% per month.

7th Purchase money, purchase money arrears and fringe benefits may be sued by the auctioneer in his own name.

8th The descriptions of the auction lots were done carefully and in good faith, but make no guarantees in the sense of the law. The auctioneer shall be entitled to refer the buyer to the seller in case of claims. Collections and collecting lots are generally excluded from a complaint.

9th Complaints of any kind must be, within at least 10 days after acquisition or delivery, returned in wohle to the auctioneer. Returned lots and stamps have to be absolutely unchanged, this means they have to be in the same conditions they were delivered, otherwise the claim is excluded. As changes are in particular: stripping, water treatments, chemicals etc.

10th Floor bidders, including agents and commission agents, buy "as is" and may claim only hidden defects, but not cutting, perforation, cancelation of stamps etc. Collection lots are excluded of complaints.

11th Costs for complaints such as postage, inspection fees, etc. will not be refunded. If complaints were approved, the buyer has only entitled to a refund of the purchase price, any further claims are impossible.

12th Claims of any kind against the seller and the auctioneer expire 12 months after the auction.

13th Written and by telephone incoming purchase orders are conscientious executed by the rates of increase (number 2), but without guarantee. Bids such as "best," "extremely", "all cases", etc. does not establish absolute entitlement to the hammer.

14th By placing a bid on already proved stamps or stamps with a certificate, the certification or mark has to be recognized as authoritative, unless a bid was done under confirmation by one of the auctioneer accepted experts. Wishes for expertisation of unproved stamp must be communicated to the auctioneer with the submission of the bid.

15th At request, the auctioneer is obliged to disclose the name and address of the buyer to the seller.

16th Performance and jurisdiction for commercial traffic is Berlin.

17th The above terms and coditions count also to the after sale of lots, which were not sold in the auction.

18th Should any of the above terms and conditions in whole or in part are invalid, the validity of the remaining are unaffected.



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